ADA-friendly PDF: Fetal Surgery at Mayo Clinic

Fetal Surgery at Mayo Clinic

Bringing together a multispecialty team of world-renowned fetal medicine and pediatric experts and researchers, Mayo’s Clinic’s fetal surgery practice is one of the largest, most comprehensive prenatal diagnosis and treatment practices in the world. Housed in the Mayo Clinic Children’s Center and Mayo Clinic Maternal-Fetal Medicine Center in Rochester, Minnesota, Mayo’s fetal surgery practice uses advanced technology and state-of-the-art facilities to offer a wide variety of cutting-edge, minimally-invasive techniques for fetal distress and abnormalities. Each year, Mayo’s fetal surgery practice performs many fetal surgeries to improve outcomes of the unborn child.

Mayo’s fetal surgery practice offers medical professionals the opportunity to refer and follow patients throughout their care. The practice understands the importance of the relationship you have already defined with your patient and their family and makes certain to work closely with you to provide individualized, leading-edge treatments and interventions to ensure the best care for your patient and unborn child.