Brain tumor treatment: surgical technology enhancing outcomes

Dr. Bernard Bendok and Dr. Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, neurosurgeons at Mayo Clinic discuss the latest surgical treatment techniques for brain tumors.

New technologies are enhancing outcomes for patients with brain tumors. Such techniques include intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging, robotics, fluorescence, holography and augmented reality. Mayo Clinic neurosurgeons use this technology to better plan for and execute surgery more effectively. Minimally invasive techniques reduce recovery times.

Mayo Clinic’s locations in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota offer awake brain surgery in certain cases, which enables the care team to map an individual’s brain and confirm functional areas at the time of the operation.

Not only do these technologies enable for better surgeries, but they also enable care teams to better prepare patients for surgery by helping them understand the process.

Mayo Clinic’s neurosurgeons work alongside radiation oncology, neuro-oncology and other specialties to ensure that patients get the best outcomes with several of the world’s best doctors coming together to care for each patient individually. 


June 4, 2020

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