COVID-19 webinar: Critical care planning for the COVID-19 pandemic: Preparing for the next wave

The COVID-19 pandemic has required critical care practitioners and administrators to prepare for a surge in critical care capacity. Mayo Clinic experts discuss lessons learned from Mayo's initial mass critical care planning efforts during the pandemic. Leaders from various sites compare the differences in critical care planning, preparedness and shaping forces within different practice settings across the Mayo Clinic enterprise.

  • Moderator: Alexander S. Niven, M.D., consultant, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; associate professor of medicine
  • Featured expert: Ayan Sen, M.D., chair, Department of Critical Care Medicine, Mayo Clinic in Arizona; associate professor of emergency medicine; assistant professor of medicine
  • Featured expert: Pablo Moreno Franco, M.D., chair, Department of Critical Care Medicine, Mayo Clinic in Florida; assistant professor of medicine
  • Featured expert: Adel S. Zurob, M.D., chair, Pulmonary Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine, Mayo Clinic Health System
  • Featured expert: Daniel R. Brown, M.D., Ph.D., chair, Division of Critical Care Medicine; professor of anesthesiology
  • Featured expert: Melissa K. Myers, M.D., senior associate consultant, Intensive and Critical Care Medicine, Mayo Clinic Health System; instructor in medicine
  • Featured expert: Lindsey M. Lehman, M.P.H., M.H.A., operations administrator, Division of Community Critical Care; assistant professor of health care administration

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July 21, 2020

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Mayo Clinic