Mayo Clinic’s Kidney Transplant Metabolic Program

High BMI can be a barrier to kidney transplant. The Kidney Transplant Metabolic Program identifies people with high BMIs early and consults with them about their comorbidities, risks and treatment options. The program offers bariatric surgery and other supports, such as dietary resources and mental health care, before transplant to address a high BMI and treat accompanying conditions. After transplant, the program will work with you to prevent the return of associated conditions, such as diabetes, and ensure that you stay healthy.

Mayo Clinic's kidney transplant doctors and surgeons use proven innovations to successfully treat people with kidney failure and complications of diabetes and other diseases. They work with each individual to develop treatments specifically for that person, using a mix of minimally invasive surgery, new medicines to prevent organ rejection and specialized procedures.

Aleksandra Kukla, M.D., a transplant nephrologist and Tayyab Diwan, M.D., kidney transplant surgeon discuss this unique program and how they are helping patients successfully get transplanted.

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April 11, 2022

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