Mobile pressure map project receives Department of Defense funding

Tamara L. Vos-Draper, O.T., Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, describes a Mayo-developed mobile pressure-mapping system that researchers will study in veterans with spinal cord injuries who are at risk of pressure ulcers. The study, funded by a Department of Defense grant, will test and refine a pressure-mapping system that uses a smartphone display to help patients self-manage their seating behaviors, seat pressure and skin health. Patients can see pressure points on a smartphone screen and modify their behavior based on real-time feedback and alerts.

The Mayo Clinic research team for this phase of research includes Melissa (Missy) M. Morrow, Ph.D., Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery, principal investigator; Tamara L. Vos-Draper, O.T., and Katherine Carroll, Ph.D., Health Care Policy and Research, co-investigators; and Kenton R. Kaufman, Ph.D., orthopedic surgery.


October 7, 2015

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