Practical evaluation and management of the patient with spasticity

Mayo Clinic physiatrists Billie A. Schultz, M.D., and Michael C. Wainberg, M.D., present clinical and objective measures commonly used to assess patients with spasticity and discuss multidisciplinary interventions for management. 

Video content outline

Scales and other measures to describe increase in muscle tone (3:12)
Mechanism underlying spasticity, positive and negative effects (6:29)
Potential goals of spasticity management (8:54)
Spasticity management options pyramid (9:48)
Physical therapy interventions (10:46)
Oral anti-spasmodic medications (14:05)
Focal treatment options (21:40)
Intrathecal baclofen treatment (28:00)
Medical cannabis (30:20)


July 2, 2018

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Mayo Clinic

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