Robotic approach to mitral valve repair: Mayo Clinic experience

In a Grand Rounds presentation, Richard C. Daly, M.D., a cardiovascular surgeon at Mayo Clinic, discusses the robotic approach to repair of mitral valve regurgitation related to leaflet prolapse (degenerative mitral valve disease).

Robotic mitral valve repair techniques are similar to those of traditional techniques, but allow for a minimally invasive approach: Several small incisions are made by sternotomy or thoracotomy, which allows for a faster recovery time and shorter hospital stays. Careful patient selection is important as some contradictions do not allow for a robotic approach.

Video content outline

  • Introduction
  • Degenerative mitral insufficiency (0:37)
  • Mitral repair survival (1:33)
  • Mitral regurgitation repair guidelines (2:04)
  • Mitral valve repair at Mayo Clinic (2:22)
  • Robotic approach video (5:46)
  • Posterior leaflet prolapse triangular resection (6:47)
  • Post-op evaluation (7:40)
  • Patient selection and contraindications (8:07)
  • Robot-assisted mitral repair results (10:10)
  • Other robotic operations (11:23)
  • Recovery timeframe (11:56)
  • Conclusion (12:21)


August 6, 2018

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Mayo Clinic