Study Suggests Acutely Injured Kidneys can be Considered for Transplant

Research suggests that some acutely injured kidneys from donors who are deceased can be used for transplant with safe, positive outcomes. Raymond L. Heilman, M.D., Nephrology chair at Mayo Clinic's campus in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona, discusses a single-site study of 10 years' experience transplanting kidneys with acute kidney injury (AKI) with from donors who are deceased. 

Although some programs have been reluctant to use kidneys with severely diminished function due to acute kidney injury (AKI), Dr. Heilman notes that based on his team's study findings and thanks to the kidney's remarkable ability to regenerate function, some kidneys with AKI can provide an excellent opportunity for recipients.

For more information, see Utilization of kidneys with acute kidney injury in the extended criteria donor setting, published in the American Journal of Transplantation in October 2015 and Mayo Clinic study suggests acute injured kidneys can be considered for transplant on the Mayo Clinic News Network.


August 5, 2015

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