Updates in ventricular assist device (VAD) technology (Part 3 of 3-part video series)

Mayo Clinic heart failure experts along with moderator Gayatri A. Acharya, M.D., discuss the team-based approach to determining candidacy for ventricular assist device (VAD) treatment. Sudhir S. Kushwaha, M.D., director, Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) program, expands on the comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach on treatment of advanced heart failure patients. John M. Stulak, M.D., cardiac surgeon, reviews initial criteria for patients to undergo ventricular assist device versus heart transplantation. Sarah D. Schettle, P.A.-C., M.S., VAD coordinator, discusses educational preparation of patients considering VAD treatment to ensure successful transition to home. This video is the third video of a three-part series to examine mechanical heart devices.


January 25, 2017

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Mayo Clinic